"Design your garden for all four seasons."
Our Development Process

Initial consultation
Step one Design
Step Two Here's Your Project
Step Three Your Estimate
Step Four Let's Get to Work
Step Five Installation
Step Six Walk Though Adjust
Step Seven Your Guarantee

Walk Through and Feedback

The site walk through/Feedback is where you get to tell us what tweaking needs to happen. You will often have been part of the development all the way through, so there won't be any surprises.

But there may be things you want to discuss, and questions you need answered. We will review how to take care of your garden in terms of watering, fertilizing, weed control and other horticultural issues.

The walk through is an hour or so of great pride for Aretemis, and for you it is the moment of new beginnings. It pretty much goes without saying that it is one of our favorite parts of the job!
At Artemis Landscapes and Design Ltd we have been designing creative outdoor spaces since 1994. The design team at Artemis utilizes some the latest CAD software developed specifically for the industry so that we can create a functional and beautiful design in a timely manner. The Design team works closely with each client to develop a beautiful plan that maximizes the use of space and enhances your outdoor living space while taking your lifestyle into full consideration.
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At Artemis we handle commercial landscaping and design jobs as well as residential. Get a quote or talk to our experts on where your project should go and how to get there.
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